U1: Finally Finished

After a busy period when I needed the portability of needlelace, I’m back at my lace pillow making Chantilly. U1 (from Ulrike Voelcker’s Grammar of Point Ground) is finally done. Here I’m applying the starching agent which happens to be liquid hairspray. I brush it on lightly, trying to avoid buildup that would cause the dried hairspray to collect in the holes of the lace like glass in a window pane. One application is probably enough, but I put on two.

The finished lace is 9-1/4 inches/23.5 cm long and took me an estimated 56 hours, about 50 hours for the actual lacemaking and about 6 for the set up (bobbin winding, preparing the pricking) and finishing (tieing and cutting off threads, taking out pins, starching). I’m a pretty slow lacemaker, but I’m probably underestimating the setup and finishing times.

Here’s a scan of the finished lace.

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