And still more retrolacing….

I’m kicking myself for being so stingy about wasting thread. Now that I’m getting to the end of A26, I’m worried that I’m going to run out and have to lay in new pairs for the last inch, completely defeating the purpose of skimping on thread in the first place. I totally underestimated how much gimp I’d need, so I’m having to replace both gimp pairs. Not that big a deal, really, but an avoidable pain in the neck. Of course, that may have saved me from later pulling out the pins and finding a glaring error in the gimp path. I had already replaced one gimp pair, worked the pinchain wheel motif, and started to replace the other gimp pair when I noticed that one of the short gimps wasn’t where I expected it to be, meaning that I’d failed to cross the gimps at some point. Sure enough, back at the top of the pinchain wheel on the left was a missing twist that should be between the top and second pinholes between the gimps in the pictures below. Okay, it’s not that far back. But there’s nothing like making life harder than it needs to be to dampen one’s enthusiasm.

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