Preparing for our Milanese/Russian tape lace workshop

My lace group is sponsoring a Milanese and Russian tape lace workshop with Louise Colgan May 1st through 3rd. This workshop has been planned for over a year. The people who have signed up for the workshop are for the most part intermediate to advanced lacemakers and have real opinions about the pieces they’d like to do. Since we have 12 class members and only a choice of six final patterns, it’s been challenging to create a pattern list for the class. Sumi finished her Milanese fan, made in YLI 50 silk, this year, so will go on to a new project. Here’s a picture of her fan in progress (photo by Sumi Tray).

I’ll be working on Louise’s snake pattern. This has been my project for two previous workshops with Louise, and I hope to finish it this time. The snake is in Gutermann 100/3 silk. Its bead eyes look a little close together here, but once they’re unpinned and slide into their actual positions, the snake’s expression shouldn’t be so goofy.

If I manage to finish the snake and have some extra time, I’m going to work on finishing up Louise’s heart pattern which I started three years ago. It’s been on the pillow so long that I’ve had to steal bobbins from it to use on other projects. You can see my holding bobbins with the beads on them.

We’ve got people coming to the workshop from eastern North Carolina and Ohio as well as the Charlotte area. I’m looking forward to the workshop, but I’ll be glad to have the organizing part of it over with.

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