Seafoam Scarf

I bought some cobweb-weight Jojoland Harmony yarn, not really knowing what I’d do with it, but really liking the color and feel of it.  I’ve been looking around for a scarf pattern to try that I can use with one skein.  I’ve never knit with a yarn this fine, so I’m venturing into new territory in all directions.  I finally settled on Evelyn Clark’s seafoam scarf, swatched, and decided to go with size 2 needles.  The lace weight she lists is 18 wpi, but Harmony is more than 30.  Making the scarf as written with four pattern repeats across would make the scarf very skinny, so I increased it to eight repeats.  The suggested yardage for 18 wpi is 550 yards on size 4 needles.  I’ve got 880 yards in my skein.

I’ve now done three repeats.  Here’s a picture of it (and one of the overly curious squirrel I had to shoo away from the photo shoot).

By weighing my skein, I’d say I have enough for 21 total repeats which will get me to about 40 inches in length.  Looks like I’ll need another skein, and since I’m unlikely to find the same dye lot, I’ll have to switch off dye lots every three repeats or so to make the color changes look planned.

Note to self:  Cobweb weight and small needles require many yards of yarn to get anywhere.

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