A Multitude of Minor Miracles at Stitches Atlanta

We decided to go after all.  Universal Yarn was sponsoring the trip and made the bus trip and entry fee affordable for a lot of people who wouldn’t otherwise have gone.  Besides, my friends Ann and Sumi from my lace group were going, and it’s always great fun to travel with them.  We left Charlotte at 7:30 and got to Atlanta at noon.  We filled out forms for door prizes and went in to browse.  We came with goals:  my husband Jorah’s to find Mountain Colors sock in a colorway to match the socks he is knitting, mine to find a ball of Harmony HC05, dye lot 001 (okay, the dye lot is asking a lot), and a ball of Melody M028 of any dye lot (I’d blend it in).  Actually a pretty tall order, the specifics of which were given to Ann and Sumi who are expert shoppers.  Jorah and I went off in a different direction, but we got a call within a few minutes from Ann who had found the Mountain Colors.  Off we went to look at colors, and he found a skein closely matching the colors of his socks-in-progress.  Nearby I found some Melody in the blue lavender I wanted to match and bought a skein.  As we browsed through different booths, the selection was almost overwhelming, but no one seemed to carry Harmony, until at last I came to a booth that specialized in knitted lace.  Wow!  The lace shawls on display were gorgeous.  I bought some Yarn Place cobweb weight wool in a yellow-orange variegation.  On the counter I found a basket full of Harmony, although nothing that looked like my skein.  As I looked through the labels, I found HC05, dye lot 001, but the colors were so different that I couldn’t believe I had the same yarn, but when we looked at the center of the ball, there were the colors that were on the outside of mine.  It was the same!

A few aisles over, Jorah found a great little shop from Indianapolis with some lovely yarn from Alaska with a price tag to match.  Sadly, he put it back.  We wandered along to the end of that aisle when the announcements began.  “That was my name!” Jorah said.  “I won!”  And so he had—a gift certificate to the shop with the Alaskan yarn.
It was a long day but a lot of fun.  When I got home and checked my stash, the ball of Melody that I had bought in Atlanta was from the same dye lot as the balls in my stash.  Now how unlikely is all of that?

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