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A Multitude of Minor Miracles at Stitches Atlanta

We decided to go after all.  Universal Yarn was sponsoring the trip and made the bus trip and entry fee affordable for a lot of people who wouldn’t otherwise have gone.  Besides, my friends Ann and Sumi from my lace group were going, and it’s always great fun to travel with them.  We left Charlotte […]

Seafoam Scarf

I bought some cobweb-weight Jojoland Harmony yarn, not really knowing what I’d do with it, but really liking the color and feel of it.  I’ve been looking around for a scarf pattern to try that I can use with one skein.  I’ve never knit with a yarn this fine, so I’m venturing into new territory […]

Shawl Progress

The shawl is knitting up quite quickly. The striping pattern of the Poems Sock yarn is quite long, so even though my rows have progressively more stitches, the stripes are still quite apparent. The overall feel of this color combination is a little darker than I had expected, although it may lighten up some once […]

Shawl swatching done

I’ve finally swatched the four patterns from Knitting Lace Triangles. The fist pattern I tried was the ripple with size 7 needles. I switched to size 6 needles for the rest of the patterns and liked the result better. All the swatches were made with Poems Sock, mostly colorway 958, but the flower pattern is […]

Our Saturday Yarn Crawl

My husband decided to go on a yarn crawl today, always a cool idea. We started at The Yarn Store in Pineville, one of our favorite spots. I looked at the other Poems Sock colorways they had in stock, but none matched the samples I wanted, so I’ll have to special order. My husband bought […]

Lace Knitting with Poems Sock

Saturday, after having afternoon tea with my lace group and visiting Canadian lacemaker Ruth, my husband and I went to The Yarn Shop in Pineville. Yarn shopping has now become my husband’s thing, and I’m usually just along for the ride, but on this trip, I found both the newly released Poems Sock yarn and […]