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And still more retrolacing….

I’m kicking myself for being so stingy about wasting thread. Now that I’m getting to the end of A26, I’m worried that I’m going to run out and have to lay in new pairs for the last inch, completely defeating the purpose of skimping on thread in the first place. I totally underestimated how much […]

Uh-oh! Where’s the pinhole that’s supposed to be here?

A day to myself to make lace. My husband’s gone off to BarCampCLT, so it’s just me and the kitties and my lace. Yes! I poured a cup of coffee, went up to my studio, and started to work. I finished the second floral motif, breezed through the little cone shape, and started in on […]

The Picots Worked!

After altering the pricking in Photoshop to reflect the addition of the pinchain wheels and their picots but keeping it the same size as in the book, I was ready to start. As with my other Chantilly pieces, I used Pipers 4/20 silk with 140/2 silk for the gimp. The first motif to work was […]

U1: Finally Finished

After a busy period when I needed the portability of needlelace, I’m back at my lace pillow making Chantilly. U1 (from Ulrike Voelcker’s Grammar of Point Ground) is finally done. Here I’m applying the starching agent which happens to be liquid hairspray. I brush it on lightly, trying to avoid buildup that would cause the […]

Chantilly Workshop with Ulrike Voelcker

I’m back from the three-day Chantilly workshop with Ulrike Voelcker. On July 19, I started my practice piece for this workshop with a copy of Ulrike’s new technique book, The Grammar of Point Ground, in hand. Here’s what it looked like with the ground just started. By the morning of August 9, it looked like […]